10 Tips for Creating Curb Appeal after Winter

Spring is just around the corner, which means that the Spring Market has sprung! If you are thinking of selling your home, it is time to start sprucing up your home where buyers will see if first, from the exterior. Creating appeal of your home to potential buyers starts at the curb of the street your home is on.

Here are ten tips to help you get started in making the best first impression to potential buyers.

1. Check the paint and siding – Michigan Winters can wreak havoc on a home’s paint job and siding. Take a moment to look over your home to see if there are sections you should power wash, repaint, or replace piece of the siding. Doing this can give your home a much needed face lift, making it looks years younger.

2. Is the roof in good condition? – Having a roof that is covered in leaves, faded, or missing any shingles can make it look older, which can turn buyers away from homes. Make sure your roof is clear of yard waste, debris, and looks fresh.

3. House numbers – Can you read and see your house numbers from the road? If not, it might be time to upgrade the numbers on your home. Having numbers that are easy to find and read can make an impact. To add further appeal, make sure the numbers are not faded or damaged. In either case, putting up new numbers that reflect the style of the home and complement the exterior of the home can make quite a difference.

4. Spring clean that yard – Michigan’s many seasons causes there to be yard work always needing to be done at the end and beginning of each of these seasons. At the end of winter, clear out any remaining dead leaves from Fall and pick up any fallen branches. Now plant some Spring flowers and plants to give your home a fresh, vibrant look that is sure to make the home look inviting and appealing. Lastly, make sure to mow your lawn once or twice per week to keep it looking cared for and fresh.

5. Under pressure – Does your home have a deck or a porch that is exposed to the outdoor elements? Borrow a power washer from a friend or rent one from a local hardware store. By pressure washing the deck and even the driveway to get rid of oil spots, you will be upping the curb appeal of your home in a very cost-effective way.

6. Windows – There are two things that can raise your curb appeal when looking at windows. First, keep your curtains open while the home is on the market, it makes it brighter inside and looks prettier when looking in from outside. Second, clean your windows on both the inside and the outside. Winter months means that dust can gather on the inside, and that dirt can pile up from the snow on the outside. Giving your windows a fresh wipe down gives your home a cleaner, clearer, and more uniform look.

7. Light it up – Not all buyers are going around during daylight hours. If your home does not have exterior lighting, it can be difficult for a potential buyer to spot a for sale sign or even see the home from the outside. Adding some landscaping lights and lighting by the front door will allow for the home to be seen at all times of day. If you already have lighting, check to make sure no bulbs are burnt out

8. Front Door – There are many things you can do to make the front door a key focal point for buyers. First, choosing a paint color that contrasts yet compliments from the house can make your home stand out on the market. Second, adding a seasonal door decoration, cute doormat, and/or new knocker adds some flair and personality to your home. Lastly, adding some taller plants by the front door can draw potential buyer’s eyes and make the home seem grand.

9. Living Space – Adding a porch swing, garden bench, or sitting area outside can show potential buyers ways that your home can be a functional place to relax outside in addition to inside. If your home has space in the backyard, showcasing a hangout zone with a patio set, grilling space, outdoor bar, or a fire pit allows buyers to see how they can entertain family and friends, which adds to the appeal of your home.

10. Online Appeal – Once all of these steps have been reviewed, it is time for pictures to be taken. Most buyers find your home online, which means the pictures showcasing your home need to be top-notch to leave a lasting impression. Hiring a realtor that takes time to find the best angles, best lighting, and uses the best equipment for pictures can make a world of difference when a buyer is looking online.

Doing all or even one of these things can really amp up the number of buyers that are interested in your home through their initial impression from the outside.

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