Holland Coffee Shops

One of the great things about living in Holland is the variety of coffee shops and cafés available allowing for every person to find their perfect niche for their daily jolt of caffeine. While Holland is still home to the widely known places like Starbucks and Biggby, our quaint city offers small town feels through locally owned and run cafés. This is one of the many things that makes life in Holland a little more special and unique.

LemonJello’s Coffee –Located Downtown Holland off 9th and College, this coffee shop has been around since 2003. LemonJello’s gives off casual, laid back vibes accompanied by premium coffee from Mad Cap and Halfwit Coffee Roasters along with delicious baked goods made fresh daily in-house. One unique thing about LemonJello’s is the gnomes, which are never purchased nor stolen, only donated to this establishment. If you are looking for a down to earth place to pound out a paper or relax with some friends, LemonJello’s is sure to make you feel welcome.

205 Coffee Bar –Opening in 2017, the 205 Coffee Bar is a newer addition to Downtown Holland located on Columbia Avenue between 8th and 9th street. This coffee bar provides customers with a more modern vibe in atmosphere aesthetics along with elite coffee options including drips, pour overs, and even nitrogen infused coffee. You can enjoy a homemade treat from DeBoer’s bakery as a perfect addition to your morning routine. This coffee bar includes a garage door that opens during the nicer weather, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a sunny day.

Simpatico –Simpatico coffee was founded in 2010 and was inspired by the owner’s trip to Mexico. There are two locations in Holland, one off Michigan Ave on the Southside and one off Butternut on the Northside. This coffee joint specializes in low-acid, smooth-bodied coffees directly sourced from Mexico. Simpatico prides itself by working directly with the coffee growers, which allows the coffee growers to make more money while also making the coffee cheaper for the customer. Another unique feature of Simpatico coffee is that the growers sell non-roasted beans so that all of the processing and roasting of the coffee is done locally in Michigan. If you are looking for a way to support while enjoying your morning jolt, stop by Simpatico!

Joe 2 Go –Joe 2 Go is a quick place to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a yummy beverage or simply grab a cup of Joe to go. This coffee place is located on the Northside of Holland on Lakewood Blvd. There is food available to ensure you have fuel to take on the day including fresh made pastries for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. The atmosphere is cozy and quiet, a perfect place to enjoy a good book and a good cup of coffee.

Square Play –Square Play is located in Washington Square in the city of Holland. This cafe allows for artisanal coffee to be enjoyed by the adults while their children enjoy fun, educational activities. Parents in need of coffee and children in need of playtime can both get their daily fix at Square Play! If you are looking for somewhere to take your kids that you’d also enjoy or possibly a place to host a birthday party including parents and children, check out Square Play.

If you have not had the opportunity to visit some of these great local places, we encourage you to stop by the next time you grab a cup of coffee to go, meet up with a friend, or need a place to catch up on work emails! These coffee shops are just one of the many things that make Holland a great place to call home.

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