Home Building Process

In your home buying process, you may decide that you want to build a home rather than purchase a move-in-ready home. There are many steps in the building process, and doing them in a certain order can make the whole process more smooth and stress-free. Here is what we recommend you do for a hassle-free building process.

  1. Choose an architect – Choosing an architect first, rather than a builder, means the first step in your home building process is capturing your vision. You will plan your home design, look at the specs, and find put together exactly what you want in your home.

  2. Choose a builder – Once you have your dream home drafted up on paper, you should choose a builder. You can then have a plan ready to present to a builder to get estimates and feedback when determining what builder to use. Having met with the architect, pick a builder that reflects your vision in the quality of their work. In addition, having these plans ready will allow a builder to give you a more accurate timeline, cost, and determine compatibility with said builder.

  3. Lot search – Many people search for a vacant piece of land/lot prior to meeting with an architect or builder. However, by having your dream home drafted by an architect and a builder picked, you can weed out the lots that do not fit into the budget or design plan. You should pick a lot that has a desirable location to increase your home value. by picking out a builder prior to a lot, you are able to consult your builder on lot options because there could be additional fees if trees need to be removed, water and sewer need to be added in, etc.

After you have found an architect, builder, and a lot, the process of getting the land ready and beginning construction takes place. The timeline for this can vary depending on how much work the lot needs prior to construction starting. If you do not know of any architects or builders, our team is more than happy to provide you will recommendations and then help you find the perfect piece of land to build your home!


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