Property Taxes in Holland and Zeeland

Property taxes are never the most exciting topic to talk about. Taxes in general, don’t encourage the most conversation, but knowing the potential taxes for various towns, cities, and townships you’d like to live in can help you make the best decision when buying a home.


Property taxes are taxes all homeowners pay on the property they own. The value of the land, the home, its improvements, and other factors all impact how much you have to pay. In the City of Holland, some of the things that our tax dollars go to are schools, roads, State Education Tax, the county, and the City of Holland itself. Below you can find the breakdown:

As you look around Holland and the lakeshore, you can find various townships and jurisdictions that have very different tax rates for property taxes. Comparing the different rates could help you decide on a home and find potential savings. Let’s look at an example!


Meet Jenny and Bill. We are working together to look for a new home in Holland. They have a price in mind of $200,000. They both really want to be in Holland but are open to the north or south side. Like most of us, what matters is the house and ultimately can we afford it.

Looking over Holland, we can find that the same $200,000 home is going to cost them very different amounts when it comes to taxes! Take a look.

A $200,000 home in Park Township will be over $1,000 less in property taxes than within the city. Put that home in the City of Holland and Allegan County and you have a $1,300 difference! Say taxes don’t change (I’m an optimistic person.), if Bill and Jenny stay in their home for 10 years, that is a $13,000 difference. That isn’t just some loose change. That’s real money!

Test out your own property’s taxes here (2015 data).


Now obviously taxes are just part of the puzzle. If you find THE ONE, then you will be locked into its location. What looking at taxes can be useful for is when you start your search. Knowing that Park Township has considerably lower taxes than the City of Holland could easily make a home buyer focus in on that area. If both areas filter into the same schools, you find great homes in both places, and then you can save yourself some considerable money if you pick a home in an area with lower property taxes… most people will choose to save some $$$.

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