Sell Your Home as Quickly as Possible

A large part of selling your home quickly, and for its highest price, is the first feeling that a buyer gets from the space. Making your home feel inviting, spacious, and move-in ready always helps increase your advantage over the rest of the market. These are some of my top HOW TO tips on getting your home ready for the best, quick sale.


Remove excess clutter and knick-knacks from the room. Potential buyers feel uncomfortable and cramped when surrounded by an abundance of belongings that are not their own.

This could be as straight forward as tackling an accumulation of shoes by the front door. This road block can be uninviting to new comers.  Gather up your family’s footwear and store it out of the way. Walkways to and from the front door should always be clear and welcoming.

For closets, you don’t wear it – it’s not worth the space. Take a look at your closets and pull out old clothes you know you’ll never wear again. Give them away and take a tax deduction. Get rid of extra hangers and plastic from the dry cleaners.


Opening the windows for at least 20 minutes a day lets fresh air in, and reduces odor, plus it brings a feeling of fresh energy to the place. As the home owner, it is easy to get used to certain odors. So ask me for my opinion or get the advice of a trusted friend.

This can especially be true for pets. Their odor can really be noticeable to people without pets. Always remove pets from home for showing, remove their beds or crates, and also store their food and water out of sight. I wish everyone would love your Fido or Fluffy, but trust me on this one, you want to play it safe.


Natural sunlight creates a feeling of warmth and happiness. Make use of all windows that bring in sunlight by pulling back the heavy drapes and raising the blinds. When you know of an upcoming showing, keep all lights on as this will welcome the potential buyers in and help create an awesome first impression.

Join me again for my next blog on when to bring in a pro and hire a Professional Stager.

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