Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Beginning to look at houses can sometimes be overwhelming and complicated, we are here to help guide you through the process, make it smoother, and make it an enjoyable experience. The home searching and buying experience does not need to be exhausting. Here are some helpful tips for first time home buyers.

Spending Capacity – It is important to look into your budget and talk to a loan officer about what you can afford with your current income, debts, and expenses. Being pre-qualified for a loan should be your first step since this will allow you to know what your spending limits are when putting in offers and searching for homes.

Make a plan – The home searching can take some time to find the perfect home for you. Take the time to figure out your options in terms of neighborhoods and cities to see if there are locations where you would like to live.

Explore your options – While making a plan on location is important, so is the type of home you are looking to purchase. Figure out your must-have requirements to avoid wasting time on homes you do not want and figure out terms that you can be flexible about as well. Many people do not end up purchasing exactly what they were looking for; however, it is important to know what features/amenities you will and will not compromise on.

Cost of Home Ownership – Home ownership is not merely the cost of purchasing initially and the mortgage afterwards. There are typically more utilities than rentals, taxes, insurance, and home owners association fees as well along with general upkeep. Look at your financials to ensure you are able to afford all of these things prior to purchasing a home.

Call an Agent – Working with a knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable real estate agent can lighten your load and enlighten your experience. Connect right away to ensure you have all the ins and outs of purchasing a home at your disposable along with an advocate on your side when searching and putting in an offer. We would love to connect with you to help you in your home search and buying process!

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