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So you are selling your home? Congratulations! This is an exciting time. You may have outgrown your current home or just need to move for work or family. Selling your house is a time when it’s crucial to make sure you “do it right.”

Over and over I work with clients that have had trouble selling their home. “Why isn’t my house selling Kyle!?” Maybe they listed the house FSBO and couldn’t seem to get traction. Maybe they have tried with another agent recently and just didn’t get offers (or the right offers). And just maybe you are just thinking ahead and already know that there are definite things you can do to sell your home on the best timeline and for the most money. So let’s talk about why your house isn’t selling!


1.) Homes don’t sell when they are overpriced. – This is plain and simple. You can’t fool the market. You might love your home and have thousands of great memories, but you always have to be realistic when it comes to your home’s value.

A great agent and team will help you understand your home’s value in today’s market. This doesn’t mean I will tell you to slash your listing price, but I put in hours of market research and use my experience to know what homes like yours are able to sell for. On top of that, I know what together we can do to make your home reach its full potential. I just hate it when clients have been lied to and have to deal with the frustration of a stagnant listing due to having their home overpriced.

2.) Homes that are cluttered and messy don’t sell. – When someone sees your home online or comes through for a showing, it’s your one time to make a great first impression. You need your home to be welcoming and inviting. Take time to really clean and organize your home. I even recommend to some clients that they secure temporary storage if they are able, to make their home shine. Removing excess clutter and showing a home where everything has a place allows potential buyers to see themselves in your home.

3.) Homes that are completely empty can be trouble. – Many people have a hard time visualizing a space without furniture in it. You might think it’s a great blank canvas from them to see their belongings, but my listings have excelled through the use of professional staging.

If I may say so, the Geenen Group has BEST stagger in Holland, Zeeland, and all of west Michigan. The cost of staging is truly an investment that offers a huge return! Your home can look like it is straight out of a magazine. If you are doubtful that you could afford professional staging, please ask me. I would love to show you what it costs and how much more I can sell your home for. Take a look at this listing that was staged and sold with multiple offers in under a week (it was also a FSBO to Geenen Group success story).

Beautiful condo. Professional photographed.

4.) Your listing photos stink. – Ok that was kind of harsh, but I see thousands of listing photos and I am amazed at how bad some listing look online! Gone are the days when you would call your agent and they would set up showings of homes that fit X number of beds/baths, this many sqft, and this town. We can make our first showing online just through our listing photos!

That is why I have made it my personal mission to take and produce amazing and beautiful photography for every home I list. I put the same care and effort into each home. My photos are a representation of me. I could never stand to have your home “showcased” with 15 phones taken from an iPhone.

The Geenen Group has also led the way in West Michigan with showcasing our listings with stunning hype videos. We take potential buyers into your home and professionally produce marketing videos that WOW.

5.) Your agent doesn’t market aggressively. – Getting your home in front of the right buyers, at the right time, it critical! You need an agent that is going to invest in the sale of your home. I only succeed when I make the sale of my clients’ homes successful. So I am invested in each and every listing I am trusted with.

I use every avenue of marketing I can to ensure that BUZZ is built around your home. I take this very seriously and do it personally. Ask your agent, “What are YOU going to specifically do to sell my home?” If they can’t clearly articulate their marketing strategy, we need to talk.


When you combine all these pieces of the puzzle with an agent who’s driven for your success, you are ready for the best home selling experience! You can reach me (Kyle Geenen) anytime at 616-795-0014. That is my direct line, call or text.

I would love to talk about what I could do for your home and how the Geenen Group can get your home SOLD.

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