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At The Kyle Geenen Group, we believe that real estate is more than just buying and selling properties. It's about creating relationships, providing excellent service, and making a positive impact in our community. That's why we're always looking for talented individuals to join our team and help us achieve our mission.

Why Work with Us?

If you're looking for a career in real estate, The Kyle Geenen Group is the perfect place for you. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. We're a Growing Company: The Kyle Geenen Group has been rapidly expanding, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for growth within the company.

  2. We're Committed to Our Employees: We believe that happy employees make for a successful business. That's why we invest in our employees by providing ongoing training, support, and opportunities for advancement.

  3. We're a Fun and Collaborative Team: At The Kyle Geenen Group, we believe that work should be enjoyable. We foster a positive, team-oriented culture where everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and opinions.

Job Opportunities at The Kyle Geenen Group

We currently have several job openings at The Kyle Geenen Group, including:

  1. Real Estate Agent: As a real estate agent, you'll be responsible for helping clients buy, sell, and rent properties. You'll work closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences, and use your expertise to help them achieve their goals.

  2. Marketing Coordinator: As a marketing coordinator, you'll be responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote our properties and services. You'll work closely with our sales team to create engaging content and collateral that resonates with our target audience.

  3. Administrative Assistant: As an administrative assistant, you'll play a critical role in supporting our sales team by handling administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing client information, and handling paperwork.

Inquire Today!

If you're interested in learning more about job opportunities at The Kyle Geenen Group, we encourage you to inquire today. We're always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion for real estate and customer service. Please send your resume and cover letter to kylegeenen@gmail.com, and we'll be in touch soon.

Thank you for considering The Kyle Geenen Group as your next career move. We look forward to hearing from you!